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Andy is doing great! We call him Indy now, short for Indiana Bones. :) He's getting much better on his walks (not pulling). He loves fruit and vegetables, especially apples and blueberries. His favorite game is probably chase, which is fun when it's his toy or bone, but not so much when it's a sock or dish towel he steals off the counter :) but we're working on it. He also loves going to the nearby dog park and playing with the other dogs. We're hoping to get him a buddy soon. He and the cat still don't get along too well, but they seem to have found a compromise for now, where he gets the run of the house during the day, and she gets it at night. Other than that, he's just a happy, energetic puppy. I think he likes having so many people to play with. (There are 5 of us.) Here's a recent photo of him on his birthday!


Just a quick update on Archie! We just made 2 years with him. He is doing fantastic and is such a great joy to Jeri, Tryston and I. Jeri and I often comment on how much we love our big brown dog. He so great with everyone he meets. We feel so blessed to have him every day and he gets plenty of love and he returns it to us all of the time. Attached is a photo of him taking a break in the front yard of our ranch in Leon Co. Texas. Thanks, John and Jeri Knox

Click a letter to find an animal or view all.
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