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Bam Bam

Hello, Basset Buddies! Just a note to let you all know that Wilson (aka Bam Bam) is doing wonderful and has already brought so much happiness to me and Jackie O (his sister)! We are so in love with this young fellow. And I am so grateful that we found one another in this big ol' world. We are also very grateful for your group and what you all do for our furry legged friends. And, Ms. Heather, we are thankful for you loving the little man prior to his arrival in Austin. We talk about you and your family often, and thank you for loving and taking care of Wilson. He still has his blankets that you were so kind and thoughtful to sleep with and allowed him to bring with him to his new home. Again, thank you, thank you for finding this little guy, doctoring him all up, and caring for him until we found another because of Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas. Please know that he is so loved and cared for with nothing but pure kindness! Here's to Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas and all you do for our basset friends!


I found a forever home in June 2007 and thought ya’ll might want to hear what has been going on the past 6 years. I will turn 8 this December and have a “brother from another mother” named Dax. I like to play with squeaky toys, but LOVE to play outside, especially laser light. I like to chase Dax, though he is much faster than I. When I can’t catch him, I let out a howl. I also like to play soccer with my Pop or just hang out on the couch with him. We travel a lot in the RV for my family to work, so I meet lots of folks that play with me. I have been all over Texas, Louisiana and just got back from Cheyenne, WY where the weather is much cooler. I weigh 70 pounds and take phyto-flex to keep my joints healthy, but a special treat for me is ice cream, and I love when Noni and Pop put ice in my water. I want to say thanks to ya’ll for finding my perfect home where I am very much loved!


Josie (Babe) is doing really well. She loves to play and wants to do so with everyone she meets. We take walks every day, and she loves exploring the neighborhood. I usually just let her nose be our guide. When we're at home, she's either sitting at my feet or attempting to get in my lap to snuggle (she's not as small as she thinks!). At first it was a little hard because of how needy she was all the time. But now we've totally bonded. My parents even call her their "granddoggy". Thank you so much for all of your help getting Josie healthy and settled in my home. -Danielle


Tipper (formerly Betsy) joined our family in June 2012. She was timid at first from a challenging life before we rescued her, but that is all history now. Tipper soon found her place in our family alongside our 3 year-old Basset, Molly. Tipper’s life now has a full agenda comprised of long walks, sleeping, eating, more sleeping, chasing squirrels, little more sleeping, and eating snacks. While we often wonder about what Tipper had to endure in the setting before her rescue, we are just glad we can provide her a safe and content environment so she can always be the happy little Basset who makes us laugh all the time. Teri, we are so grateful to you for helping us to add Tipper to our family. You were exactly right when you told us we are adopting a little diva.


Buddy is doing well and seems to have adjusted pretty well. He has a great personality and is a very laid back dog. He is liking the house so far, and I found out yesterday on a boat ride that he has good sea legs. He is more of a lover and cuddler than I thought bassets could be and that is fine by me. Once again, I appreciate Basset Buddies and all you do for the breed.

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