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Eddie is such a joy. We couldn't have asked for a better basset buddy. He and Dori are peas in a pod and love playing with and being around each other. At first, he was afraid of the baby kitten, but now they sleep and play together. We love Basset Buddies and all the joy you guys have brought into our home and our lives. After the deaths of our other bassets, we didn't think the hole could ever be filled. And, as much as we miss them, Eddie and Dori have filled a mighty hole left in our hearts and our home. Thank you, thank you! You guys have made our house a home again, and we can never repay it!


Here is a photo of Edith and Thor together. Edith is so happy with us, and we are all certainly happy with her! Thanks so much for everything you do there with BBRTX and for making our own adoption process so smooth and pleasant.


Effie is now Abigail. We named her after the former first lady, Abigail Adams....another feisty young lady. Abigail rules the house including our lab, Gabriel. She is absolutely adorable and the most cuddly dog that I have ever known. She wakes me up for snuggles and belly rubs every morning. On the informational side.... she is an escape artist. We have built a second fence closer to our house so she doesn't run all 60 acres. It has taken us weeks to block up the small gaps where she can wiggle through. Our rule of thumb is....she can get through any hole that is as big as her head. I swear, once she gets a scent she will do anything to follow the trail. So, anyone who wants to adopt a young basset hound needs to know that they may have magical powers and can liquify to get through a gap in a fence :) At least that's the case with our very persistent Abigail. I am so thankful to Basset Buddies for bringing her into my life. I often wonder what kind of life that she had before, knowing that she is so happy here on our ranch.


We adopted Baxter (a young Fox Hound/ Beagle mix) from Buster’s Friends November 2010. Baxter had a few health problems, including a broken leg and had lived in a pound for most of his life. Baxter quickly adjusted to his new home. He is very loving, intelligent, loves to go to obedience class and will start level III advanced classes soon. Baxter is young about 1 yr. and 3 months old, he has lots of energy and we thought he needed a companion dog, so we adopted Belle, known as “Ellie” on the BBR site. Belle (a young, female Basset Hound) from Basset Buddies Rescue joined our family in Feb. 2011. Belle was skittish, severely malnourished and suffered from several health conditions, when she was rescued by a kind lady, and was nursed back to health and Basset Buddies was contacted. Belle warmed up to us very quickly and was very clingy at first. She still likes to “show us the love” in the evening. We have had both dogs under the Veterinary care of the wonderful Drs. and staff at Kingsland Vet Clinic. We are happy to say that both dogs have a total clear bill of health and are thriving both physically and emotionally. Belle is thriving a bit too well, as we now have to monitor her “girlish” figure. She also loves to perform the tricks Baxter learns in obedience class and has never met a treat she didn’t like! Belle and Baxter go over to “their” treat cabinet to demand treats. We had to put a child proof lock on the cabinet, as Baxter was opening it and handing treats out to the two of them! Baxter and Belle are true pals, they love their new home and are very well adjusted, happy and healthy. They live a life of leisure, sleeping on sofas, running and playing, taking walks and just being pampered. These two little dogs have become a big part of our family and they enrich our lives daily, as we watch their latest antics!


Earl is doing great! Although it's just Harley and me here at home with Earl, Gabe, and Wilma and the cats (plus our two goats), all of the kids and grandkids plus extended families and nieces and nephews were here weekend before last. Everyone was charmed by Earl. He loves to try to lounge in my lap while I am working at my desk. For his major naps, he has chosen our bed and the big couch in front of the fireplace. As I'm typing this, Earl has gone back to bed (in our bed, of course!) after me taking him out for his morning potty patrol. He and Wilma, our miniature dachshund, like to sleep in until around 8:30 - 9:00! He is a wonderful guy and I'm afraid he is totally spoiled. He's handsome as ever! Needless to say, we love him and will do anything we can to help Basset Buddies. You all are really doing superb rescue work!

Submitted by: Patti C.

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