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I had to share with you how comfortable Grace is! It took her a couple of weeks, but she has gained weight (4 pounds), been thru 3 baths, and is now friends with her sister Lucy. She is a fantastic fur-girl, and we adore her. She plays fetch with my husband Lu and loves deer antlers (only while supervised). I cannot thank you all enough for entrusting this dear sweet girl to us. I know many more moments will come up, and I will continue to share photos and think of how hard all of you work to save so many.


Miss Maybee has brought such joy to our lives; we absolutely adore her! She has settled in just perfectly. She gets along beautifully with everyone and everything she meets - dogs, people, cats, children, etc. I have never met a dog that has a kinder nature than she does. All of our other dogs have accepted her with flying colors. Maxie really enjoys her company; they have not had any "female competition" issues and actually choose to lay next to each other on the dog beds/couch. Trip thinks she is fantastic, and coaxes her to play with him almost everyday. Lucky, who doesn't particularly enjoy other dog's company (typically ignores them), seeks her out everyday for a good sniff and they have "played" several times. I cannot imagine a dog fitting into a household more smoothly. Health wise she is doing amazing. You would never know that she is 13 years old! She is doing really well on her new diet, and definitely lets you know it is dinner time! Her ears and skin have stayed nice and healthy. She gets drops in her ears three times per week, and of course gets her eye drops twice a day. Aside from the minor surgery on her ear, she has been absolutely perfect. She now refuses to lay on dog beds LOL she finds a spot on either the couch or "her" chair. She thinks she is far too important to lay on the floor. She greets us every time we come home with a big "arrooo" and gets her belly rubbed. She is a hoot, and definitely makes us laugh every day. I cannot imagine why somebody would surrender such a perfect dog to the shelter - we could not have asked for a more loving addition to our family. She goes to work with me about once a week to hang out behind the front desk. She makes friends instantly with everyone who meets her, and she enjoys getting her "social" time. She and Maxie are frequent visitors to the local dog park. She makes everyone laugh with how she bounces around with the other dogs, and she insists that everyone who is there say "Hi" to her and rub her ears. Thank you so much for allowing us the opportunity to adopt her. We cannot imagine our lives without her at this point.


Hi there! Just wanted to send a general update and pics of Gary, whom we adopted back in June (or July maybe?). Anyway, as you can see, I think he's pretty settled and happy in his furever home with us! He and his sis, Meika, our German shepherd, adore each other. It continues to amaze me that he can keep up with her, but he definitely does! Everyone who meets Gary instantly falls in love with him. He gets himself into trouble sometimes (mostly when there's food involved) but one look at that face and it's hard to stay mad for long -- he is quite the charmer! He's such a goofy, sweet boy and we just love him. Thank you for bringing my Gary into our lives! And thank you for all you do for all the sweet bassets that have found their forever homes.


Hi Michele, I'm not sure if you remember me, but you helped us get our sweet basset hound, Kerbey Layne, several years ago. She was the sweet puppy born with a front right paw that was deformed. I'm not sure if you are still working with BBRTX, but I just had to send an update on our girl! On July 4th, we celebrated Kerbey's 3rd birthday. She is doing so well! What a joy she is! She runs and plays without limitations and has no problems going up the stairs, jumping onto the bed or sofa and keeps up (often taking down) with our 80lb Boxer. She has been such a blessing to us and we are so thankful to you and BBRTX! I attached a picture so you could see how she has grown and just because she is too cute! Krista Weber We took this photo when she had just finished eating a piece of her bday cake. I love the ends of her ears, they are covered in Peanut Butter! :o)

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