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Here is a picture of our beautiful puppy we adopted from your rescue. She has adjusted well and loves her new home and especially her big back yard. She loves going outside to run and comes in and plays with our older chihuahuas. We feel so grateful we were able to adopt her. Many thanks.


Jake and I are doing great! My grandchildren just love him, especially my youngest grandson, Liam. Jake greets me everytime I come home from work with a wagging tail. We usually take at least one long walk a day. So far he has chased a few squirrels, ran down a rabbit (however it did get away) and tried to sniff a turtle out of its shell. He provides me with plenty of exercise, let's just put it that way. Also, he can be a little stubborn at times. :) However I think his favorite things to do are sleeping on his big pillow in the living room, snuggling with me at night, and riding in the car.


We have been so pleased with Jackson. He did so well and learned so much at Man's Best Friend. And, we did too. Jackson is loving his home and is adjusting very well. He has made aquaintances with the dogs behind our yard and when the small dog jumped up onto the fence and barked, Jackson took off running to the front of the backyard by his bone. He looked like his ears were flying in the wind~ LOL We just got back from his vet visit and got his heartworm shot, and other preventative meds he needed. Even got him a monthly flea pill. He did very well at the vet. He is such a happy dog that everyone thinks he's a year old. He likes to chew on his bone we got him.


We fostered many bassets, and adopted Riley from the fostering process. We were ready to take a break, plus I needed to work. The last pair of dogs went to their furever home and Mr. Riley was upset. No more 4 legged friends coming and going to share his toys with! Then we received an emergency call for a pick-up in our area from a previous adoption. This basset was named Jack and he needed to see the vet. He had a clean bill of health and Mike fell in love with him!! So we adopted "Fred" that day! Riley and Fred have been friends ever since. We are so happy to have helped Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas and give two bassets their furever home.

Fostering was a great joy. To pick up an animal who was abused, starved, and sick, then the joy when their health is back and they are adopted! Fostering is very rewarding!

Thank you!!!!!

Mike and Vivien Hubbard


Jake is in the category of Maxi-Basset. He is not the elephant seal subtype, like Riley (my other basset). But he is definitely a heavyweight. His body is shaped like an extra-long, extra thick bratwurst, with several visible layers of fat.

He narrowly escaped death. He was diagnosed with "mange", and was about to be put down because the shelter didn't want to pay the vet bills for this totally treatable condition. He was rescued by Basset Buddies at the last minute. There was no way we were going to collude with the idea that mange was a terminal condition.

Jake rapidly demonstrated that he was ecstatic to be alive. Every moment is filled with joy for Jake, and whenever he sees me, he would just about knock me over as he jumped up to give me a big kiss on the face. I have never seen him in a bad mood. He is also a charismatic leader. He instantly became the idol of all the other dogs in the Gabbard household. Even Martin, the morbidly obese black cat likes him. Every time he passes Martin, he licks him on the face before moving on. Jake doesn't have a mean bone in his body. To put such a special basset to sleep because of the cost of mange treatment would be a crime.

Jake weighed in at 62 pounds when he was rescued. He came at a time when one of my other bassets, Kordell, died of old age. He fit right in with the other dogs, and I just couldn't bear to see him go to someone else. He became a fixture in the household, so his "foster" status turned to "adoption." He has eaten heartily since his adoption, and I was shocked beyond belief three days ago when I discovered that he now weighs 77 pounds! He has immediately been placed on the canine version of the South Beach Diet. Fortunately, he is happy all the time so that the diet hasn't phased him.

Many people who are owned by dogs have said that dogs teach us how to live. In this context, Jake is a guru. He teaches me that every moment of life should be filled with joy, appreciation and enthusiasm. He is never irritable, never grumpy, and never aggressive. He takes life as it comes and figures that he's lucky to be breathing. The rest of us can only aspire to that kind of happiness. Thank you, Jake, for leading the way.

Submitted by: Glen Gabbard

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