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Tex is doing great! He is so sweet and a good snuggle buddy. He loves to go on walks and run around the park. He still loves shoes and stuffed animals, so we are redirecting that behavior. He has put on some much needed weight and the vet said he looks great. Everyone who meets Tex loves him. I want to adopt so many of the bassets I see on the page. Such an awesome breed of dog!


Hello All! We wanted to let everyone know how things were going with Toby. First, we should say that we are calling him EB (short for Encyclopedia Brown). Ever since we talked about adopting a dog, we knew his name was going to be EB. He has responded well to the name change and comes running when called, with a big silly looking face and floppy ears. We love him more than we thought possible. He is everything we could want in a dog and each day with him is so much fun. He loves to play fetch in the back yard and to go for walks around the neighborhood. We think, though, that he might love the dog park the best. He ran tirelessly for 3 hours during his first visit and loves chasing the other dogs and barking at their butts. He loves just about any toy we put in front of him. EB is a big cuddler. We decided to let him sleep in our bed, and he likes to start at the space between our heads and ends up at our feet by the morning. When we are not out walking or fetching or dog parking, he sits wherever we sit. As I type this, he is curled up in his bed in between David and me in our office. One issue we are having is his ability to get into any and everything as soon as our backs are turned. He is so long, which grants him easy access to all counter space. Recently, he ate an entire loaf of cinnamon sugar bread and was miserable for about an hour. We took him to the vet just in case and once we were there, he was fine. After we made it home, he then ate my dinner off the table. Other than that, he is just about perfect. We hope to nip this habit in obedience training. We spent Christmas morning with my family in Pearland and everyone loved playing with him and he got tons of plushy toys and cool stuff. He met Maggie, my grandparents' dog and they had lots of fun playing and running around. For New Year's we drove to Ft. Lauderdale to surprise David's family. He is great in the car. EB met Daisy and Bruno there and had lots of fun learning how to play with much bigger dogs. By the end of our time there, everyone wanted him to stay. We are over the moon. We have a lot of love to give and are so happy to have such a wonderful addition to our family. We are excited for all of the experiences to come and are so happy to have found him through Basset Buddies and so thankful for the foster families that took such good care of him. We'd like you to know that we are doing the same. We are attaching some pictures. Enjoy! Happy New Year! Ashley and David

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