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Animal Success Stories
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We fostered many bassets, and adopted Riley from the fostering process. We were ready to take a break, plus I needed to work. The last pair of dogs went to their furever home and Mr. Riley was upset. No more 4 legged friends coming and going to share his toys with! Then we received an emergency call for a pick-up in our area from a previous adoption. This basset was named Jack and he needed to see the vet. He had a clean bill of health and Mike fell in love with him!! So we adopted "Fred" that day! Riley and Fred have been friends ever since. We are so happy to have helped Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas and give two bassets their furever home.

Fostering was a great joy. To pick up an animal who was abused, starved, and sick, then the joy when their health is back and they are adopted! Fostering is very rewarding!

Thank you!!!!!

Mike and Vivien Hubbard

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