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Animal Success Stories
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Effie is now Abigail. We named her after the former first lady, Abigail Adams....another feisty young lady. Abigail rules the house including our lab, Gabriel. She is absolutely adorable and the most cuddly dog that I have ever known. She wakes me up for snuggles and belly rubs every morning. On the informational side.... she is an escape artist. We have built a second fence closer to our house so she doesn't run all 60 acres. It has taken us weeks to block up the small gaps where she can wiggle through. Our rule of thumb is....she can get through any hole that is as big as her head. I swear, once she gets a scent she will do anything to follow the trail. So, anyone who wants to adopt a young basset hound needs to know that they may have magical powers and can liquify to get through a gap in a fence :) At least that's the case with our very persistent Abigail. I am so thankful to Basset Buddies for bringing her into my life. I often wonder what kind of life that she had before, knowing that she is so happy here on our ranch.

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