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We always need fosters!

If it meant saving the life of a basset hound, could you make room in your heart and home to volunteer as a foster?

Unfortunately, this is the situation all too often. Basset hounds are abandoned or found wandering the streets every week, with many ending up in kill shelters. If not adopted within just a few days, many these bassets will be euthanized.

Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas is devoted to protecting the lives of these hounds. We pull them from the shelters and give them a safe temporary home until they can be adopted by the loving forever family they deserve.

That's where you come in! We always need foster homes for incoming hounds. The sad truth is that we cannot pull basset hounds from shelters if there are no foster families to care for them.

Be the bridge between what was and what will be: Volunteer to be a foster home today!

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Want to know why some of our veteran fosters open their hearts & homes to bassets?

"I've had 8 fosters. Even though I fall in love with each of them and cry when I take them to their forever homes, I take great pride in the fact that I showed them love and helped them find forever families so they'll never be abandoned or lonely again." - Jan

"I'm currently on lucky #7. I foster because of the look of relief in their eyes when they realize they are safe and for the update photos I get from the adoptive families. They look so happy and loved, and I know that is partly because of me." - Alison

"We are on foster #4 so far. My daughter, Lexie, just loves being a foster sister. She says it's her job to get the hounds used to being around kids. She is sad when they leave but gets really excited when we get a new one." - Kaye Dee

"I've fostered 30 to make memories of helping homeless hounds with my daughter. I love to see her smile as she comes home from school when I surprise her with a new foster. She's learned to love something but also be able to let it go." - Tiffany

"I think we are on #8, but it could be more. I love the 2-day nap they take when they realize they are safe and loved and the chow is unlimited. And how quickly they forget everything and become a diva with an attitude!" - Debbie

"I foster because every animal out there needs love, security, and to know what a family is. They all deserve a chance in life." - Tallie
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