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Welcome to the Guestbook for Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas!  Thanks for stopping by and checking out our hounds!

We look forward to meeting you in the future!

Message From: Roy and Jamie McCoy August 18, 2009
Just an update on Flash. He is a healthy and happy dog. We love and cherish every moment with that big boy. We can't thank ya'll enough for giving us a wonderful pet.

Message From: Gloria M. Bustillo January 6, 2009
Just an update on our beautiful boys. Formerly Chopper and Wendell , our boys have been renamed Clemenza and Tessio. For all you Godfather fans you know where the names came from. The Godfathers are doing great. They are loving their 45 acre tract and enjoy sniffing down possums and armadillos . They have two new friends, a pair of white swans and love teasing them. we are ever so thankful to BBRT for our boys. If you see them together you'd think they'd been together all their lives. We hope to add to our pack in a few months. Paws up from the Godfathers!!!

Message From: KaLinda December 27, 2008
Thank you so much for helping our family find the right bassett for us. Deebo is fabulous! We've only had our bassett for a short while but he's perfect. He's so calm and great with my guys. We're delighted to be able to give Deebo his forever home. He seems to really like it here too! Thanks for all you do to save so many hounds.

Message From: lupejudoka December 12, 2008
hi i live in mexico..i have a girl basset she was rescue from some "humans"...almost drop to the garbage....but i rescue my daisy....is a big battle to try to gain weithg,but we try to make it togehter...i lve my daisy clearwater revival amazing site congrats!!

Message From: Laura Baker October 9, 2008
I pray that you find homes for all of your beautiful babies. Four years ago I found my basset at a rescue shetler in my home state of Iowa and Maverick is now the four-legged love of my life. I will keep your shelter in my prayers and God will send the right people to adopt these precious babies.

Message From: Heather Szendi July 28, 2008
I love Wilson more than words can describe. Thank you so much for everything! I lvoe the pics from the Basset Meetup. I am now workin on talking my mom into letting me adopt Wendell. Wendell and I met on Saturday and I LOVE him!! -Heather-

Message From: Sandy July 12, 2008
Today we were able to bring Rosie home and we are so grateful for everything that BBRT has done for these precious animals! We adore Rosie and can't wait to make a lifetime of memories with her! Keep up the great work!

Message From: Dr. Hurst July 8, 2008
I'm so glad to see that Bessie got adopted and that her skin infection was cleared! Thanks for all that you do!

Message From: many June 8, 2008
i love it i read it it made me cry may be some dayi could adopt one

Message From: Pat May 11, 2008
You guys are doing a wonderful job. Congratulations on one year & the new website. LOVE IT!!

Message From: Louisa Bennett April 29, 2008
Basset buddies is a group of wonderful rescuers. I have had the pleasure in working with. They have always found room for a basset in need. Thank you everyone. Lou

Message From: Cristie April 27, 2008
Four paws up to Basset Buddies from your hound freinds of Lone Star Beagle Rescue!

Message From: Kathy April 24, 2008
I love your website and I love all of the dogs!

Message From: Megan April 24, 2008
I love your rescue!

Message From: Janet April 15, 2008
The new website looks awesome!! :o) The BBRT rescued basset hounds are so going to reap the rewards of this new webste!

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