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Basset Buddies Wanted for
Our Hounds in Need!


Want to help a particular hound but can't adopt/foster?
The Basset Buddy Program is a great way for you to still
help the hounds by providing financial support for their
ongoing medical care!

What does being a "Basset Buddy" entail?
A Basset Buddy provides financial support for the medical care of the rescue
hound of his/her choosing.  We will provide updates to the Basset Buddy
regarding the hound's progress so he/she can see the drastic improvements in
the health of the pup that the donation helped make possible.  Unless otherwise
requested, each Basset Buddy will have his/her name posted on the hound's
webpage indicating that he/she is assisting in providing care for the basset.

How much money should I send?
There is no minimum or maximum amount - every donation helps to save a hound.  
Our basset babies are all-too-often suffering multiple medical problems when we pull
them from the shelters.  Each hound generally requires several hundred dollars in
medical treatment, especially if the basset has heartworm disease.  Here are some
examples of typical costs for medical care:

Vet office visit
Overnight boarding (done for several days at a time if
no foster home is available)
Routine vaccinations
Fecal exam
Treatment of infections (eyes, skin, parasites, respiratory)
$85 per dog (average
over all dogs rescued)
Heartworm test
Heartworm treatment
Heartworm preventative (6-month supply)


Can I be a Basset Buddy for a hound who already
has another Basset Buddy?
Absolutely!  As the costs of caring for some of these hounds can
reach $1,000 or more, the more sponsors the better!

How do I sign up?
It's simple!  On each dog's webpage you will find a link underneath the hound's
picture that reads "Sponsor This Pet".  Click the link and you will be taken to that 
hound's sponsorship page where you can enter a one-time or recurring donation. 

In the space provided to enter a note, be sure to mention the Basset Buddy Program.

After entering your information, you will be transferred to our secure donation site, 
where you may make safe online donations via credit/debit card or check. 

If you prefer, you may mail a check/money order directly to our rescue with a note 
indicating which hound you wish to sponsor.  As soon as your donation is received, 
we will update the hound's online profile to reflect his/her new "Basset Buddy".

On behalf of all our hounds,
thank ahrooooo for your support!

PO Box 130244 •  Houston, TX 77219  •  (281) 657-7347 •  info [ at ] bbrtx.org