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BBRTX and Mel's Country Cafe: A Perfect Pairing

Ever wonder why we meet at Mel's Country Cafe in Tomball every month? Besides the obvious—great food, family atmosphere, and generous donations—it's all thanks to Charles Weirich, Mel's 2nd-generation owner and proud long-time BBRTX Basset dad.

"I've loved Bassets all my life," says Charles. "We lived on 50 acres and always had Bassets and dachshunds, plus many others. Mom always said I would bring home any stray in the neighborhood if I could. And she was right."

"It just works so well, and everyone looks forward to it. We pick dates that we know will be busy, like before holidays, and we make extra dessert because we know people want to help the dogs."

Charles has opened his home to four BBRTX Bassets over the years, including a bonded pair that he fostered for two years before they found their forever home. "Thelma and Louise were sisters from a local shelter, and we loved them, but we already had three of our own." He currently has three dogs, including Zeus, whom he adopted from BBRTX in 2019.

"Zeus is just the best dog. Everyone here loves him, so he's like our ambassador," says Charles. "You all were here one day with him, and this young boy kept bringing him into the office on his leash. I took that as a sign and adopted him!"

Mel's Country Cafe has always been a Weirich family-owned business, and employees are considered family, too. Some of have been with Mel's for decades! That loyalty extends to BBRTX, as well. Charles offered Mel's Country Cafe as an outdoor space for BBRTX to hold meet-and-greet events when he was fostering Thelma and Louise back in 2008 and has been one of our greatest supporters ever since.

"It just works so well. And everyone looks forward to it," explains Charles. "We pick dates that we know will be busy, like before holidays, and we make extra dessert because we know people want to help the dogs. Our waitresses are really good at encouraging dessert sales when Basset Buddies is here." Mel's donates $1 from every dessert sold on days when BBRTX is there, usually netting hundreds of dollars each month, as well as additional donations and sales outside with the dogs.

"Basset Buddies is a terrific organization, and I'm proud to be a part of it," says Charles. "We'll keep doing this as long as it works." BBRTX thinks you and our Mel's Country Cafe family is pretty terrific, too, Charles!

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